Get your iron levels tested to ensure your blood is healthy

Proper iron levels in your blood stream keep your red blood cells healthy. This in turn keeps your body feeling strong and energetic. It is important to get your iron tested to make sure you are not at risk for certain conditions.

Iron is a mineral that is essential to hemoglobin, a complex protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Iron deficiency can result in anemia, a condition where an individual has a lack of red blood cells and/or hemoglobin. Anemia can cause a number of symptoms including, but not limited to:


Iron testing also can find out if a person has too much iron in their blood, also known as iron overload. This condition is typically genetic and while rare, can cause organ poisoning leading to dangerous complications.  

Our iron panel tests: Iron, TIBC (total iron-binding capacity), and ferritin (body’s current iron stores).

No doctor appointment or referral necessary.