Gastrointestinal complaints are among the most common in medical care but pinpointing a clear diagnosis remains a challenge.

SCNM has partnered with Doctor’s Data clinical laboratory to provide a new self-ordered package of Gut Health Testing – The Comprehensive Stool Analysis.  

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis is a non-invasive diagnostic assessment that serves as a valuable tool in providing a definitive diagnosis to patients with gastrointestinal symptoms.  The assessment looks for yeast as well as bacteria in the gut: identifying good, bad, and overproductive bacteria. 

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis measures ph levels and also determines whether nutrients are being properly absorbed during digestion.  Improper absorption is an indicator of poor digestion that could contribute to weakened immune status, digestive disorder, and chronic stomach diseases such as leaky gut syndrome.

Who should consider the assessment?

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis is useful for patients suffering from:

The Comprehensive Stool Analysis package is $339 and requires a physician consult post testing for results review.  Fees cover lab mark ups and physician consultation charges.  Payment is due at the time of testing.

No doctor appointment or referral necessary.