Our laboratory is a COLA-accredited, moderate-complexity laboratory with experienced, certified laboratory personnel. We offer diagnostic laboratory testing in a personal and caring environment.

Conveniently located in the Medical Center, the SCNM laboratory collects and processes specimens for standard reference laboratories including Sonora Quest and LabCorp which are contracted with many health insurances. In addition to standard tests, we also work with a variety of specialty laboratories to provide unique testing not offered by conventional laboratories. These include, though are not limited to, food allergy panels, urine and saliva hormone tests, neurotransmitter tests, urine toxic metal tests, and stool analysis and parasitology tests. We do not perform hair analysis testing.

We also offer on-site testing performed by our certified staff. Results of on-site testing are usually available within 30 minutes of receiving the specimen.

The on-site test menu includes: hemoglobin, glucose, hemoglobin A1C (glycosolated hemoglobin), urine pregnancy test, rapid strep testing for group A strep, wet prep, KOH prep, pinworm prep and complete urinalysis.

As a nonprofit teaching facility, we are able to offer affordable lab testing with discounted fees negotiated through our reference laboratories.

We require a signed order from your health care provider and an appointment for most lab tests.