We have a diverse group of medical practitioners to help you heal and stay well

These include naturopathic doctors (NDs and NMDs), medical doctors (MDs), acupuncturists (LAcs), cranial sacral practitioners, registered herbalists (RHs), and licensed massage therapists (LMTs). All of our practitioners treat patients of all ages using a variety of natural therapies and treatments for common, serious and chronic health conditions.

When you visit either of SCNM's clinics, you can see a physician on a private visit or a student clinician. We are a teaching clinic which gives you the opportunity to receive naturopathic medical care from students, under the supervision of a physician, at a discounted rate and help train future NDs at the same time.  When you call to make an appointment, our Patient Services Representatives will ask if you want to see a physician privately or on a student shift.

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