Naturopathic Doctor Discusses Not-So-Futuristic Pain Relief Methods in TED Talk

Stem cell treatments are no longer an idea of the future. In a recent TED Talk, Harry Adelson, ND, revealed that both stem cell and regenerative injection therapy (or prolotherapy) are here, now, and proven to work for pain relief.

Dr. Adelson, who taught prolotherapy techniques to doctors and students at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), said Americans tend to focus on obstacles when they think of stem cell treatment. They ask: is it ethical? Is it legal?

“Stem cells are primitive cells that have the unique ability—when they divide—to either self-renew (turn into new versions of itself) or differentiate (turn into target tissue cells),” Dr. Adelson said in the video. “What we’ve learned in recent years is that populations of stem cells exist in virtually every tissue in the body.”

So when doctors take stem cells from one area of a patient’s body and inject them into the same patient’s problem area that same day, it is essentially equal to a “hair transplant”—perfectly legal and safe, Dr. Adelson further explained. Prolotherapy involves a similar technique, where a doctor injects a nutritive, mildly irritating substance into a patient’s problem area to launch the body’s natural healing response.

Dr. Adelson used prolotherapy in the late 1990s to cure a shoulder injury he developed after rock climbing. The technique was performed by the late Dr. Rick Marinelli, ND, who later became Dr. Adelson’s mentor and teacher.

Since then, Dr. Adelson has gained extensive experience performing both prolotherapy and stem cell treatments on thousands of patients, providing safe, lasting results to relieve their pain.

“If you’re living with pain, and you want stem cells injected into the problem area, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” Dr. Adelson said. “You can do it today, legally, in the United States … and take back your life.”

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