We believe that everyone deserves high-quality healthcare and the opportunity to achieve optimal health

Service to others, especially those in need, is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. This is strongly reflected in the SCNM's efforts to provide the underserved people of Arizona with quality natural and conventional healthcare. Patients seen at the community clinics often include those dealing with HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, children and families living in poverty and those struggling with addiction. The patients of today will help you gain valuable experience that you will use to assist the patients of tomorrow. 

Our commitment to providing free naturopathic health care to the medically underserved started 15 years ago when we opened our first community clinic at Hamilton Elementary School.  Since then, we’ve opened eight more clinics around the valley and are currently providing thousands of free patient visits annually to those who wouldn’t have access to health care otherwise.  On your student rotations at the clinics, you'll see patients under the supervision of a physician to gain skills and experience in the community health care environment.  SCNM can provide acupuncture, lab testing, nutritional products, and much more free of charge to patients thanks to generous donations.

Learn how SCNM community clinics help the underserved